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Neal Korn was born in Nyack, NY. Always an active listener interested in his peer’s problems, Korn’s fascination in the human mind led him to major in Psychology in college. It took just one drawing class for Korn to realize that art was his true calling. After college, he worked in any job that had a connection to art, like designing displays for Barnes & Nobles, working as an art framer in NYC, and teaching art in New Jersey. Through it all, Korn never lost his interest in psychology. He continues to ask introspective questions through his art, pushing his audience to question their relationship to the piece in front of them, themselves, and society at large.

Korn first received some recognition after winning the Shaw Award for Painting at Brooklyn College and followed that up by showing his art in galleries and museums. He also won awards and grants from the Geraldine R. Dodge Fellowship, Geraldine R. Dodge mini-grants, FAWC, and HEART grants. He has been published in the Best of Painting book (Rockport), The Newark Star Ledger, The New York Times, Go Out, The Courier News, Who’s Who in the East and on He was also recognized for Outstanding Achievement by the Union County Board of Freeholders (his work is in a time capsule) and was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Kean University. Korn is also a member in the Pastel Society of America, Pro Arts Jersey City, and the Shim art network.

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