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These sculptures tell a story about what happens when you mindlessly follow a group or belief system without question. This can happen to all of us, in every group, in every system. We all march to the drumbeat of our own chosen propaganda.  It could be your religious beliefs, political beliefs, environmental beliefs, educational beliefs or social beliefs. You are an educator, following the rules of meaningless accountability or teaching to the test. You refuse to listen to scientific fact. Your religion guides you in everything you do. You follow one political group without question. This is a cautionary tale, a reminder to the viewer that it’s important to re-investigate the propaganda of our beliefs.  To use our own critical thinking to question everything even those things that are commonly held truths and thought to have a positive impact on society.  The consequences of blind faith or blindly following might lead you over the precipice of life. 

Group Installation (view 1)
Group Installation ( view 2)
Group Installation (view 3)
close up lemmings
Installation 2 (view 1)
Installation 2 (view 2)
Installation 2 (view 3)
Installation 2 (view 3)
group 1
group  2
group  3
group  4
group  5
group  6
group  7
group  8
still 1
still 2
still 3
Still 4
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