I love chance and absurdity to a play a part in my art. I begin by dying my canvas and randomly spilling ink on it. This start turns my canvas into an abstract, meaningless image. I stare at this image until my brain imposes meaning by selecting random shapes that visually look like subject matter. Once I see the shapes I transform them into subject matter. No matter how I feel (about the subject matter) I must comply to create these ridiculous things that reveal themselves to me. I draw or paint them (as is). This creates a combination of accidental imagery I could not possibly come up with in a million years. I end up creating a composition of this subject matter in a surreal juxtaposition of hidden meaning. It is my way of discovering something that is deeply rooted within my psyche. Later on, when the painting is complete, I assess my finished work and then, I realize the true meaning of my work. It can be social, political, or mundane. Typically, this is influenced by what I have been experiencing (hearing, seeing or feeling) at that particular time, giving my painting an outside issue that has been internalized and given birth on my canvas.