I start by selecting a color dye and use that dye to saturate a sheet of canvas with that color. Next, I draw an abstract image directly from a container of black ink onto the dyed canvas. The container squirts the ink in random dots. I explore looking at this ink drawing by revolving the canvas around in four different directions. I see a few different images in each of the 4 formats. I look at the image as if it were a cloud or a Rorshach test. I try to make sense out of the spots of ink by turning it into some image. When I see that special “something” image that speaks to me I go with that. No matter how nonsensical the image may become. Whatever the subject matter I see in the image is what I see. I try not to question it. I follow the abstract ink outline and turn that into the object(s). Finally, I paint that image using a type of call and response method until it is complete.