I begin by dying my raw canvas a color. Next, I will draw an image directly from a container of ink onto the canvas. This  creates a drawing that is very abstract. I look at the ink drawing by spinning it around in four different directions (right-side up, upside down, vertical left and vertical right). It becomes sort of a Rorschach test or a cloud you are trying to turn into a recognizable image. This image could be anything. It is usually something that I am giving thought to at that particular time. I try to be open to anything (be it political, sociological, environmental, personal, etc.). Whatever I see in the abstraction is valid (I.e. Koi fish, samurai, a Latin woman being held by a giant white man, a mermaid, etc.) I try to follow the abstract ink outline and turn that into the object. If that image sparks something else in me....I will put that in the work as well.