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I love chance and absurdity to a play a part in my artwork. I begin by dying or staining my canvas with coffee or acrylic ink. Then, I squirt dots of ink onto my surface. This action turns my canvas into an abstract image. I stare at the shapes (created by the dots) until the shapes are transformed into subject matter. This accidental imagery could not possibly be created on a conscious level. Rather than questioning the spontaneous reaction of these mediums intertwining, I submit to it. I keep these unlikely images of varied subject matter and rejoice in the surreal juxtaposition of hidden meaning. It is my way of discovering something that is deeply rooted within my psyche and mind. Later on, when my drawing or painting is complete, I can truly assess my finished work and then, realize the true meaning. This extension of self can be deeply personal, social, political, or mundane. Typically, this is influenced by what I have been experiencing/consuming at that particular time in my life. Thus, giving my work a true visual portrait of what I have been internalizing and what eventually emerges onto my canvas. 

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