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The “Apple a Day” series is a personal journal where I expose a part of myself once a day through the image or text of an apple. An apple is a symbol for teachers, temptation, and life. It also helps keep the doctor away. Each piece is about how I feel on that particular day at that specific time.  The “Apple a Day” series dates from May 6th, 2005 to Sept.13th, 2005. Although, the work consists of many pieces it is just one work. The pieces are like people in a city or on a train or in a crowd. Each piece has its own individuality but each is a part of a larger whole: Like the work in a salon show. I have always loved the overall effect of a salon show: A wall covered with art objects with the idea that each piece is the most important part of the show. Which…unfortunately for the artist and the artwork, does not hold true. Other art objects in a salon surround the individual piece, with no space around it to breathe or to be properly seen. This is precisely the very look I am going for. The “Apple a Day” series is not an individualized piece, but components of one larger work. The salon show is the work. As a result of a flood this work cannot be seen in as it was originally intended.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
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Week 6
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Week 9
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