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I used to love cutting up photos and piecing them back together.  I would deconstruct and reconstruct the images. Then, I moved on to other things. Recently, I had the good fortune to have one of my memory cards become corrupted in my camera (as a result of hurricane Sandy). It caused my images to look like they were cut up and put back together. I loved the chance aesthetic. The random way the pieces were put back together. They had the quality of music. Now I have begun embellishing the slices by using Photoshop. For me, the subject matter almost takes a back seat to what is happening to the slices…almost. The slices, colors, shapes, lines, & textures become visual sounds that I compose to make my own visual music. An internal response to the image I am working on.
Oink! Oink!.jpg
walking the dog (with the family).jpg
The Observer.jpg
backyard sunset.jpg
Double Mark.jpg
Clouds over Arizona
Clouds over Arizona 3.jpg
Chelsea 1
Heather wish tank
Electric Mambo
Union Halloween 3
Union Sandy
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