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Spam Poetry


I was speaking to a friend (over the phone) and checking my email simultaneously. As we spoke I decided to look at my spam. As I read the spam I noticed this random, crazy, nonsensical language. I loved it. For me, it was a form of Dada poetry or a Zen Koan. What does it mean? Our brain is always trying to figure out the meaning of things. We do this to make sense and to create order for us to understand our world. Spam defies sense. It is illogical. I decided I would blend my own photographic images with this meaningless spam. As a result, I discovered that these images appear to have meaning. It is like some type of advertisement. The overall impression is that it has some type of merit. It doesn't. It is an image you might see in any magazine trying to sell you something you don't need. In the end, it is up to the viewer to make sense of it and give an imaginary meaning to it. Much like a rorschach test.

tree thingy.jpg
Robert Durst.jpg
in water.jpg
spam dog screen shot.jpg
Random Shakespeare.jpg
Duo nel rosa.jpg
Toby shagadelic.jpg
Vy russian.jpg
Lovely Russian.jpg
reflection of true self & cat.jpg
Turned about.jpg
Toby x-mas.jpg
Things are looking up.jpg
Double Marky on train.jpg
Gain 3 883.jpg
Korn dog.jpg
spam dr. maxwell.jpg
Happy Mother's day.jpg
road scape.jpg
self love.jpg
Night rain.jpg
Night cloud.jpg
mike kissing.jpg
Fausto & Len & Korn dog.jpg
bad sport.jpg
Replied jake.jpg
Look at.jpg
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